1) Is there a huge difference between a 1.00 carat diamond and a 1.25 carat diamond?

No. The millimeter between the two diamonds are only about  1/5 of a difference.  A 1.00 carat is 6.4mm and a 1.25 carat is 6.6mm.

2) What is the average diamond carat weight sold in Chicago?

In my 6 years of experience working in downtown Chicago, the average carat weight sold is right around 1.25 carat. Nationwide the average carat weight sold is a 0.75 carat diamond. 

3) Can you custom design and manufacture my jewelery?

Yes! We are almost sure that you would find your jewelery of choice in our collection. In the unlikely case that you are not able to find exactly what you are looking for, or if you have something unique in your mind, we can create custom designs and manufacture your jewelery or other items with my designers from Europe.

4) Do you sell loose gemstones and diamonds?

Yes! We have a large selection of loose gemstones and diamonds of all sizes, shapes and quality. We can make rings in accordance with the astrological prescriptions. We carry all kinds of ruby, emerald, amethyst, sapphire, coral, and diamonds etc.

5) Why should I buy from Chicago Diamond Experts, Inc.?

Because we offer the best selection of diamonds in the Chicago Market today, as well as designing your custom piece of jewelry with the designers from Europe,  as well as professionalism in a pressure free environment with the right knowledge for you to feel comfortable, and understand the value in your purchase.

6) Are bigger diamonds always more valuable than smaller diamonds?

No. A diamond`s value is always determined by its rarity. While bigger diamonds are rarer than smaller diamonds, it is also necessary to consider three other attributes: cutting proportions, color and clarity. These qualities make it possible for a smaller diamond to be more valuable than a larger diamond.

7) How does a diamond`s cutting proportion affect its value?

Cutting to the highest standards and the finest proportion yields the most brilliant diamonds. In addition to the extra labor involved, more of the original diamond crystal`s weight is removed to yield the finest cut. So, naturally, the finer a diamond is cut, the higher its cost.

8) What is a fancy color diamond?

Quoting from the Gemological Institute of America`s Diamond Dictionary:

A fancy color diamond is one “with a natural body color strong enough to be attractive, rather than off color. Red, blue and green are the rarest; orange, violet, strong yellow and yellowish-green stones are more common. Brown and black are also included in the fancy category.”

9) What is a canary diamond? Why is it yellow?

The term "canary" is used to describe a naturally occurring yellow diamond whose color is deep enough to be attractive. The more accurate, less misleading term is "fancy yellow diamond." A fancy yellow diamond gets its color from minute quantities of nitrogen within the crystal lattice. We love to work with rare natural fancy yellow diamonds and will be glad to discuss this subject further with you.

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